Thursday, 30 September 2010

Day 30. One Last Moment

I'd like to thank this Blog Challenge, for it made me realize a whole lot of things I wasn't aware of.

1. I'm a sappy, cute-loving, love-loving romantic.
2. I hate being told what to write.
3. I do things I hate anyways, when I'm being challenged to. Means there's nothing faulty with my self-discipline. There might be with the fact I can't leave a dare untried.
4. I wrote posts even when I had a fever as high as the sky. I'm determined enough.
5. I'm obsessed by only a few dreams and desires. Apparently I can't care less about most other things.
6. I can be forcedly cheerful if need be. Take that, dopamine!
7. I forgot what I was going to put here.
8. I'll try posting regularly now that it might have become a habit. Not daily though. I wouldn't know what to talk about.

Oh yes.
And I need to get off my chest that I abhor impending goodbyes.
Even when they aren't really, they're more like "See you later, only we don't know when yet"s.
I thought I had gotten a bit used to the idea that most of "my" important people don't live in the same country as I do. . But I haven't. It still hurts. Big time.

The Gypsy


  1. You wrote a blog entry for each day of the month!

    *hugs* This calls for a reward ;3

    It can be anything you like ,think about it~

    Tell me about it when we can chat ,okays?

  2. I hope you do keep posting. I've been reading it every day but I keep falling short on something to say or just chicken out entirely.