Friday, 1 October 2010

Animal Planet.

It's been on for hours.
And no, it's not just because I'm bored and lonely.

But every time a new show starts, I'm catching myself thinking "Or I could take a job like that.." only to be followed by a ".. or like that" mere minutes afterwards.
It's animals.

I seem to care more for animals I don't know, rather than human beings that are strangers to me.
Show me two commercials, one with a suffering animal, and one with a suffering child.
I'll probably donate to the animal charity one.
I used to want to be a vet when I grew up.
Part of me still does, I believe.

Oh well.
At least I know what I'll do if the tourism thing never works out.
Or if I get tired/bored of it.
Or if I would suddenly get the urge to settle somewhere.

The Gypsy

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  1. I just got done trolling this guy. It was hilarious and disgusting.