Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Already the end of March

Where does that wretched time go?
I know "time flies" is an overused cliché, but seriously.
We're already done with a quarter of this year? (Also, it should be spring. Doesn't feel like it is yet, in the least.)
When did that happen?

Probably while I was trying to stick with school assignments that honestly had me bored to death.
While I was visiting places like Belgium and Leb.
While I was attending birthday parties (I've been to a remarkable number in the past three months)
While I dressed up as Miss Matched and a zombie. Because I can.
While I was being sick. Or in pain. Or both.
While I was working on getting better.
While I was catching up with all the deadlines and work I'd missed because I was sick.
While I was preparing my tour for our study trip to Poland and Czech Rep.
While I was enjoying the company of friends and loved ones.
While I was gratefully recognizing how lucky I am.

Lucky for so many reasons.
One too clear and obvious to myself (and those who know me) to point out.
Another because my housemates just rule. They're awesome. All five of them.
Because I still see my friends, still pass everything at school (with high marks), and still beat my body's weaknesses time and time again.
Because I finally got to do a tour again for school (museum, but a tour nonetheless). After all the business and financial plans and reports we've had to write, this was a very welcome change.
Because I've been asked personally to give a guided tour in Breda for guests of the International Conference (how COOL is that?). My name is even on the site (click eet). 
Another because.. Chocolate.
And sushi. And books. Movies. And ice cream.

March in particular has tested me.
Tested my patience. Tested my health. Tested my body's willingness to fight.
And sometimes, through out this month, I gave up. Temporarily.
But then I start thinking again.. About all those reasons to be grateful.
And then I think... life really isn't all that bad. :)
Not even when time flies like a maniac.

I'm happy March is almost over though.
April, here I come. :)

The Gypsy