Monday, 22 February 2010

Peeking of posts.

I never normally do this either.
But here I was, complaining about blog comments being scarce in general, and an actual deep conversation emerges, et voila!

Note: Me and practically all my friends can be morbid, pessimistic and harsh. Don't let that scare you. We don't bite. Hard.

Me: *fidgets* Why don't people comment on things? D;
Me: Makes you feel like you're typing for yourself D; (which is the case, but eh)
Friend: Like what?
Me: Blog xD
Friend: Oh.
Friend: That's why I stopped blogging.
Friend: Waste of time.
Friend: Writing an old fashioned diary is better in that respect.
Me: I keep that, too.
Friend: Mostly people only skim over blogs.
Me: Yes. So do I.
Me: But I still comment. xD So..
Friend: It's because online, all normal social conventions go out the window.
Friend: If you were sitting in the same room as someone and they told you a story (aka a blog entry) they wouldn't listen to half of it, then walk away saying nothing.
Friend: Apart from a select few like you, who actually know what being human is online and offline.
Me: I'm not human either on or off, but yes, your point's valid.
Me: Which is a shame. xD
Friend: It's like the line from the end of Mr. Roboto
Friend: Machines to save our lives, machines dehumanise.
Friend: Technology is breaking society, that's just my view.
Friend: We live in a material SMS generation.
Me: That's sounds really scary.
Me: Sad thing that it makes me think it's beautiful blog material? n.n;;;
Friend: lol
Me: Well. Writing material, really. But then I'm always writing.
Friend: That's fine. But now anyone can write. Anyone can share their thoughts. With anyone.
Friend: But no one really cares about what anyone else thinks, really.
Me: I do? But then I'm weird.
Friend: Well, that's the point. Maybe back in the day, only someone like you (if you pursued it) would be writing stuff for people to read. But now everyone is doing it.
Friend: Even people who type u instead of you.
Me: 'i no' xD

You know what's also scary?
That it's not just writing. Photography is just as much done "by anyone", now that you can take pictures and videos with all semi-modern mobile, laptop and camera out there, and you can upload those to so many sites x.x

Still appreciate people following/reading this blog at all, don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful. Really.

Also: I'm hungry.
I think that's all. For now.
The Gypsy

Sunday, 21 February 2010

"Say not, when I have leisure I will study;

... you may not have leisure."

I've just had the weirdest dream.
I can't remember much of it, but the thing I remember was that it involved earrings.
Mine, to be exact.
I started out with these silver snakes in my ears (which I am wearing now). A guy looking suspiciously like Johnny Depp was in the room, talking about auras. He did something to people, like, hypnotize them, and they went into this trance and just went immobile.
Suddenly Johnny (not Depp, Vincero) was at my side, and we were dancing. The first mirror I came across showed me I lost both my earrings, but the back of the left one was still on. We were searching and found one, which I put into my ear. No matter how much we searched, we found everything but the earring, until Depp walks over, this lunacy aura still shining, and tells me he's found the other one. He opens his hand and in his palm lies the silver snake, which transforms to a gold butterfly as soon as it's in my own hand. I tell him it's not mine, but he makes sure to convince me with those mad eyes of his, until I'm ready to believe that it is the other half: Snakes and butterflies, they fit together, don't they?

Ready to hear comments, now xD
I know, I don't usually post my dreams.
Mainly because I don't usually dream. I never sleep long enough to.
Although I'm pretty certain Depp's that crazy because of his usual characters.
Jack Sparrow, Sweeney Todd, The Mad Hatter? 'nuff said. x3

Also, it may be linked to the burst of creativity I had yesterday, when I suddenly was just typing two thousand words in a direction I hadn't planned on heading. It was weird. I do hope this stroke of whatever it is continues for a while longer.

The Gypsy

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Life is just a series of trying to make up your mind.

So I'm postponing Living, right now.
I'm being a coward and greedy. I want it all, and I don't want to sacrifice anything just yet.
And that's impossible, at least with making choices. So I am not making any choices, but in the meantime I'm not gaining anything either, just like I'm not losing anything (but time).

Seeing it is Valentine's day ( I don't usually do anything for it specifically, mainly cause I prefer to be spontaneous about showing you love, care and appreciate, rather than doing it forcedly just because it's a specific date- that, and that a funfact is that suicide rate's amongst the highest all year, right alongside New Year's Eve) I'd like to tell my friends that I love them, and appreciate them being there for me, to no end.


The Gypsy

Friday, 12 February 2010

Hah to you, snarky bloggers

I'm not sure why that's my title.

All I know is that I've spent the last few hours skimming through this on-fashion-by-a-thirteen-year-old Blog, and I don't even like fashion (that fashion, anyways). She has lovely humor though, I almost mistook her for a Brit. Maybe a bit snarky for some people, but I know enough who'd love it. So it kept me entertained, even though I seriously disliked 99% of her outfits.
My style's different. I stick with two (sometimes three) colours, and go from there, all over, accessories included. And the colours actually can't clash, in my book.

On a totally different note: The last pregnant cousin in the family gave birth two days ago, a baby girl called Reem (C-section mess, and lots of long depressed faces as if someone died instead of being born).
So that's four kids under the age of two in our family, now, two of which are younger than three months. Also: Egyptians keep surprising me. In the worst ways. I keep having to restrain myself from rolling my eyes all the time.

Randomness being the key, here's another note: My entire left side's gone numb right now. Asleep, but without the tingling. Not paralyzed though, I think. I did not even know that could happen. I mean, don't parts of bodies fall asleep through lack of running blood? How does that happen from your neck to your toes on just one side of your body?
My body will probably always be the unhealthy miracle. It doesn't follow the normal rules. Ever.

The Gypsy

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Did you ever wonder..

... how many bad books you have to read before figuring out you can really tell if a book's going to be good or not from the very beginning?

... how many people genuinely care for you?

... how many people are just bluffing about being smart when they're really not?

I don't need answers. Not really. They are mainly rhetorical anyways.
This is just me venting. Cause things echoing in my head are just getting monotonously boring xD
Me + beds 24/7 ≠ a good combination.

**in case of it being unclear, that sign is an =/=
Meaning, it not a good combo.

@Ami: It's good that you are cheerful. I never did think you're insensitive, no worries xD
I don't even get really depressed on here, it's not what my ranting's for.
Besides, randomness is fun. In comments as well as anywhere. :D