Friday, 12 February 2010

Hah to you, snarky bloggers

I'm not sure why that's my title.

All I know is that I've spent the last few hours skimming through this on-fashion-by-a-thirteen-year-old Blog, and I don't even like fashion (that fashion, anyways). She has lovely humor though, I almost mistook her for a Brit. Maybe a bit snarky for some people, but I know enough who'd love it. So it kept me entertained, even though I seriously disliked 99% of her outfits.
My style's different. I stick with two (sometimes three) colours, and go from there, all over, accessories included. And the colours actually can't clash, in my book.

On a totally different note: The last pregnant cousin in the family gave birth two days ago, a baby girl called Reem (C-section mess, and lots of long depressed faces as if someone died instead of being born).
So that's four kids under the age of two in our family, now, two of which are younger than three months. Also: Egyptians keep surprising me. In the worst ways. I keep having to restrain myself from rolling my eyes all the time.

Randomness being the key, here's another note: My entire left side's gone numb right now. Asleep, but without the tingling. Not paralyzed though, I think. I did not even know that could happen. I mean, don't parts of bodies fall asleep through lack of running blood? How does that happen from your neck to your toes on just one side of your body?
My body will probably always be the unhealthy miracle. It doesn't follow the normal rules. Ever.

The Gypsy

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