Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Did you ever wonder..

... how many bad books you have to read before figuring out you can really tell if a book's going to be good or not from the very beginning?

... how many people genuinely care for you?

... how many people are just bluffing about being smart when they're really not?

I don't need answers. Not really. They are mainly rhetorical anyways.
This is just me venting. Cause things echoing in my head are just getting monotonously boring xD
Me + beds 24/7 ≠ a good combination.

**in case of it being unclear, that sign is an =/=
Meaning, it not a good combo.

@Ami: It's good that you are cheerful. I never did think you're insensitive, no worries xD
I don't even get really depressed on here, it's not what my ranting's for.
Besides, randomness is fun. In comments as well as anywhere. :D

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