Monday, 13 March 2017

Gandalf the White

The cat is out of the bag!
One of the deadlines I was charged with, was the co-organization of a 60th birthday.
And I'm proud to say it was a huge succes.

I've worked on it since December, brainstorming out loud, gathering together those I thought would make my great ideas an even greater reality.

The main theme came to me in their living room (which was a mess, seeing as they were in the middle of moving house) - by looking at their book collection. The Lord of the Rings was there, and it hit me.

When you turn 60, and you give the organization of the party to others, and you want to be surprised, it has to be pretty big. I knew and guessed enough as to how far Mark would play along.

He had to be Gandalf (The Grey).
With three assignments, throughout the evening, he could "win" three items:
1. A ring. 2. A horse. 3. A volcano.
(By singing a song he got the ring, bellydancing earned him the horse, and a puzzle gave him access to the volcano.)
After succeeding in destroying the ring, and thereby vanquishing the evil power, he could transcend from his old life, turning to Gandalf the White.

In case you have absolutely no idea why these three items (and generally have no idea what the Lord of the Rings is about, like roughly half the audience) - check out this link for a short summary.
They also needed to be guided through the evening, and Karin thought I'd be the perfect storyteller.

I apparently rock as a Master of Ceremonies. (It's my job, I guess.)
Throw in a Royal Distinction pinned on the Gandalf robe (made by me) by the Mayor of Zoetermeer, elven ears and dresses in theme, delicious food made by Karin and Jenny, the decoration of the whole place by Peter and Linda.. We had our own Gollem! Bas and Vincent's support and overall assistance and Mark's own ease of playing along and letting the day wash over him.. It was awesome.

Enjoy the pictures, to give you the atmosphere,

The Gypsy