About Me

I am a Gypsy. I got that nickname for so many different reasons, by different people..
My travelling addiction.
My dark eyes, high cheekbones and unruly hair.
My username that got shortened into "Gipsy".
It just seemed to fit~ And stick.

I am a (not-really-wiccan) witch, too. Not an Ursula. And I don't do voodoo.
But the spiritual -and- physical-back-to-Mother-Nature side of Wiccans appeals to me.
And I am still waiting for my letter from Hogwarts, hoping it just got lost somewhere.
(Seeing as I don't have a duty of killing some You-Know-Who, they never insisted I get my letter).
But witches keep a journal-like Book of Shadows.
To keep track of their experiments. Learnings. Tips. Tricks. Spells. And experience.
That's what I wanted, too. To share all I learn and see and do.

That's me.

After handing in what -in my eyes- seemed a simple short story, I got back the comment from my professor "One day, you'll be a great published writer".
Up until that day, I had only fantasized about it.
Up until that day, I had kept my countless stories to myself.
Since then, the fantasies have grown. A blog is a starter.
I'm still learning about myself, and it's always growth in progress.
I might surprise myself and become ambitious, for a change.
For now, I'll just share some things about me:

I'm passionate about horseriding, reading, traveling.
I don't like racists, discrimination, stereotypes, or prejudiced people.

I love my friends. And chocolate. And snow. And winter.

I don't like heat. Or the sun, specifically. Really warm countries are not attractive to me for the temperatures. I'd be tempted to stay away till they have a sort of winter.

I like being creative: Writing, taking photographs, drawing, painting, singing, dancing, acting.

Broken promises. Sometimes necessary. But just.. no. Lies and cheating also fall in this dislike category.

I love being one with nature. Forests. Mountains. Hills. Plains. Desert. Seas. Rivers. As long as it's not man-made, it's awesome.

Some things that describe me:
- Female
- Vampirish Gypsy.
- (Surrogate) Daughter.
- Dutch
- Tourism.
- Friend
- Random
- Painter
- Crazy... Pleasantly deranged.
-  Writer
- Actress
- Selfish
- Pretty
- Lazy
- Intelligent
- Too curious for my own good.  I want to know what, why, how and when... about anything.

The Gypsy

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