Wednesday, 25 February 2009


"... The object of the artist is the creation of the beautiful.
What the beautiful is is another question..."
-James Joyce.

I just got told this: Foreigners (probably the English and French, when coming here to occupy this poor country) called Egypt Egypt because they thought Egyptians were like gypsies. o.o
I think this is really hilarious, and I'm not even sure why. Probably because of the coincidence of one of my nicknames being Gypsy, obviously.

To be quite honest, I don't think the stereotypical Egyptian fits the description of gypsy whatsoever, mostly because they're not into adventure, or traveling. They like to settle and stay put, unless they're planning to go to the West, because they're naive enough to believe it rains gold over there~ ( I said stereotypical. Yes, there are those that are adventurous. But that's usually the case with generalizations, eh?)

I was trying to remember why I was called the Gypsy, as soon as I heard that~ It's because three different friends called me a gypsy, for three different reasons. The first thought my username (Hippogrifff) reminded her of it, so Gipsy it was. The second called me it for my passion for traveling, and my infinitely unquenchable cureousity. The third thought I looked like one, with my European bone features (Broad forehead, high cheekbones, etc) and dark "magic" eyes and hair~ I also got told I was untameable, and although that was said by an Arab, and thus clearly meant as criticism, I think it's also part gypsy, isn't it?
I decided to agree that it suited me, even though I might not agree with all the reasons.

Enough rambling about this.
I'll start disecting every one of my ten nicknames, if I'm not careful xD

The Gypsy.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

To wear, or not to wear..

Miss Birthday Chubbychubs herself~

So weird. Everybody is interfering with what I'm wearing, today.
Can you say annoying?

This morning, we went to buy my niece a present. I love toy shops. They make me feel 12 again.
I made dolls giggle and cry, and say "mom-ma".. I made monkies screech, and Pooh go "Lets count to ten! One, two, three...!" It was so fun ;D
We got her a BIG stuffed chicken animal thingy in a dress (Lol) And a hand-doll cat thing. Cause that's the only word she can say. "Ot-ta". (Cat in Egyptian)
Anyways. There, a guy we've known to work in our bakery till six years ago is being all nice and helpful, then when we're about to leave, he asks us " Why are you wearing trousers? Isn't that male-ish? Or do you do it because you're Europeans?" ... Uhm.. Pardon?
What the hell does he have to do with what the hell I wear?! If I want to be a nudist or walk around all covered in black where all you can see is my eyes? I mean, seriously? Not funny.

In the evening, we went to my aunt's, because her grandkid became one today. So crowded. So noisy. So cake-full. (I'm a pie-person). So family-full. D; Not my type of night, to be honest.
Another comment about my clothes, to my mum. Who now agrees. Or doesn't, I don't know, but she's not backing me up with the "I can friggin' wear anything I bloody well want D<".. Figures.
Anyways. I did something that made my family think I'm even weirder: I let the guy who was painting the kids paint my face as well. I mean, hey, I used to love that, why not do it now? "Because you're an adult. Grow up." That's my sensible part. Luckily it's only a very small part of me. Hah. And I ended up painting muh face anyways <3 So yay.
The cake was made with a picture of my niece on it. Very pretty. Very too-sweet. Very inedible.
She got half a toy-shop. With stuff too expensive and too complex for her, really. I mean, she's one. She doesn't understand the fun of jigsaws. She doesn't like paint itching on her face. She seriously was crying most of the evening. Poor kid. At least her parents and grandparents had lots of fun throwing a posh party. I just hope they'll make it fun like this when she grows up to appreciate it.

Oh, yes. I want a magicjack. Soon.
Because it rawks <3 Hurray!

The Gypsy.

What I wouldn't do...

... for a Venetian mask.
Those things are sooo pretty <3
I don't know since when I've wanted one, but I just got reminded of them recently, and seeing how Holland, amongst other countries, is so happily celebrating carnaval, it just got rubbed in, I guess.
I bet they're expensive, though. At least the prettifull ones I have in mind.
It's just like a scimitar. I've wanted one of those for a long time, as well. To hang on the wall, for decoration. (And to play Sindbad when nobody is looking *cough*)
I'm thinking I can maybe save up for a mask like that, though. Although an entire medieval costume would cost a lot, nay? *shrug* Maybe some day~

I have not been feeling very good, the last couple of days. Actually, I've been feeling pretty bad, physically.
Although I should be getting better. No worries.

Rewatched one of my favourite movies again, French Kiss. <3
Sis keeps on and on harping that it's silly of me to like someone with a French accent.. But I can't help it. It sounds soooo awesome <3 Then again it's played by Kevin Kline , so hello! May I please melt?! Thank you. Given, sis isn't into his "type". So she dislikes both the accent /and/ the looks. Oh well. *shrug*

What else? lol
Oh, yes. My cousin got engaged last thursday.
I played camera woman for all those that aren't in the country to witness it in real life. Aka I held the webcam and light and showed dad and my cousins what was happening.
I prefer being on that side of the camera, usually ;D
Although when I finally /did/ get on, I looked quite photogenic, so woot. x'D

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Art And Technique of Cinema

That's what today's lectures at the Bibliotheca Alexandria were about.
Really interesting, to say the least. The first lecture was basically about the history of how the cinema even came to being, the second busied itself with the basics of movies. What made it professional, or amateur. What a director means with specific symbolism.. etc etc.

I knew the basics, but they went deeper into it, it was pretty intriguing. He also mentioned who he thought were the greatest of the greatest, when directors are concerned. He mentioned George Orson Welles, Francis Coppolla, Alfred Hitchcock and Steven Spielberg. I have to admit, I've never actually paid much attention to any names, not even the actors, most of the time, let alone producers and/or directors. Heh. Although the names sound familiar, I can't name more than a couple of movies to each.

The third and last lecture of today was about the techniques themselves. The fact that in old movies, they had 16 frames per second. That modern movies have from 25 to 30 frames per second, and therefore run more smoothly. Roughly calculated that means 172,800 frames in a two-hour-movie.. And seeing how an editor has to pick each and every shot.. How Spielberg admitted that in Jaws, it was a matter of 2 frames... 1/16 of a second.. that made the entire difference between something that was scary.. and something that looked like a white rubber turd in the water..
How CSI: Miami takes care to make all their episodes "golden". Literally. They take eache frame and edit it so much that it looks totally different from the original; brighter, with a hint of an orange-ish/yellow colour (aka gold.) So.. Much.. Work!
So woah, at all that.

And to all Egyptians out there...
I don't flinch and close my eyes to wait to hear a crash. I don't swerve away in panic.
I might, however, step on the gas and hope I'm quick enough to hit you. You don't actually want that, do you?
And to any Egyptians driving a car: Stop friggin' acting like you're on motorcycle and you fit in between everything damnit D< You don't! And I don't like the sound of scracthing cars D<

The Gypsy.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Life is getting busier...

"... to describe prison as the worst three months of
one's life is like describing a horrible car crash as the
worst ten seconds. It sounds logical, and neat; it sounds
truthful. But it's not, because the worst time is afterwards,
when you wake up in hospital and learn that your wife is
dead, or you've had your legs amputated, and therefore
the worst has just begun..." -Hornby.

... And it's scary. lol
College started, and even though I can't attend daily, I promised myself I'd keep up with the work at home, so I'm keeping in touch with whoever can attend. After four days, we already have two read two novels, one drama, and write two essays, all by next week. @_@ Can you say brain overload?
Mainly I'm complaining cause I'm lazy, and have a real hard time concentrating. Besides that I'm also reading two books besides school work, which proved to be slightly more interesting >.>;;

I'm also screwing with my finished paintings, even though I can't use the excuse "out of mere boredom". And I've also started experimenting with new drawing styles (check my deviantart for that -link is on your right-), besides the parts of short stories I can't help but write down because my mind is just too busy with everything.

Apart from that awful movie I saw a couple of days ago, Hard Candy, I watched three other movies this week (even though I complain I'm busy and have no time for anything, can you believe it? ). One was an equal waste of time, although I'm usually more fond of thrillers: When A Stranger Calls. It's trailer looked more interesting, to be honest, so I was disappointed.
Then there was A Good Year, I liked that, even though when I first saw the trailer I rolled my eyes and thought "Bah, another weak gooey romance." Apparently neither weak nor gooey.
And finally The Interpreter, Nicole Kidman starred there. *tilts head* It was interesting, made me see things in a slightly different light, for once.

The Gypsy.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

News.. Full of odd stuff x.x

Yesterday, a coupla kids got a baby (dad's 13, mum's 15), and it was just that once. I mean. He doesn't even know what the word "financially" means. They both took responsibility, though, and don't believe in abortions. That's pretty big.

And then another thing about a woman being attacked in Switzerland? It was something about racism, she miscarried in the process, and they scratched all kinds of messages into her skin.. Just.. horrid.

*tilts head* And then it's Valentine's day. I know someone who called it Single Awareness Day.. Which is kinda true, I guess. You immediately feel it if you're partnerless, or your partner isn't being all lovable. Besides that, it's one of the highest suicide rate nights of the year, so that's gotto be cheerful .__.

And now I'm watching a quite disturbing movie called Hard Candy. Yet I still want to know how it ends, else I would've just turned it to something else. Mind twister, this.

Just odd day, all of it. ~

The Gypsy.

Friday, 13 February 2009

What's wrong? How are you?

"'Cause I need time,
my heart is numb, has no feeling
So while I'm still healing
Just try and have a little patience."

Why do people keep asking me that? If there's something wrong, and it's that obvious, then shouldn't that be some kind of alarming flashlight to just stay silent for a bit?
I'm sick, aching, and manically depressed at the moment. Somehow my hearing and smelling senses have strengthened, and this is making me headache-y, and downright nauseous. I've had a couple of nosebleeds today. I don't sleep enough. Not because I don't want to, but because I can't.

Whenever I'm (manically) cheerful, it will also be obvious.
Meanwhile, simply being yourself will suffice, if you want to vent, complain, be happy. It might just take my mind off of myself.

I'm not superstitious or anything.. but then again, it is Friday the 13th. >.>; lol

The Gypsy.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Canker sores..

.. I figured, if I give them the honour of being in the title, they'd leave me alone?
I mean, I tried everything else.
Tried droplets that sting and taste nasty, tried a numbing cream that leaves my mouth half-paralyzed for half an hour, and then the effects just.. die.
I even tried taheena, sort of sesame seed paste known in Egyptian folklore to fight canker sores. But.. they're hella adamant. I dun like 'em. ;-;

I've noticed I take a LOT of pictures when I'm out, and when people let me. Or when I'm in and I'm bored. Just amateur photography, really. But I might try on getting a bit more educated in that department. Could always ask Jazz's husband for tips. *tilts head*
Would be nice to take "The perfect picture" Picture perfect? Stuff 'n things. xD

The Gypsy.

Monday, 9 February 2009

*cough splutter cough*

"Summer turned to winter,
and the snow turned into rain.
And the rain turned into tears upon your face.
I hardly recognize the girl you are today."

I don't know about this.
Seems like winter is depressing for almost everyone, they miss the warmth, sun, light.
And I'm dreading for the summer to come. Really.
And not just weather-wise, either, although I know sunshine makes me hella depressed.
After this term it'll be the "beginning of the rest of my life". And I'm scared I'mma mess it up entirely by whatever choice I'm going to make.

Anyways. I've been reading. Not as much as I do in my bookworm-phase, though, unfortunately. I don't know what to do about that. Can't seem to settle down long enough for the book to grab my fullest attention. Can't focus or concentrate. Not just on reading, mind.
I've also finished the painting I was dreaming about for so long. Took hella long, and sucked out all the inspiration I thought I had in me. *feels empty*

I did upload my doodles, finally. They're on muh deviantart, go check 'em out nao D<

I'm hungry, but my mouth is full of sores.
And that stinks so damn badly D;
Had a major fight with sis. That also does not make my day any brighter.
*rubs her nose*
In a no-good mood today, so gonna try and sleep it off.~

The Gypsy.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

I are a worthy adversary *dances*

"Thank God I've got a woman
with my name across her heart.
Loving me ain't easy,
loving me is hard.
I'm sorry about the madness,
but that's the way it's got to be,

'cause it takes a crazy woman,
to love a reckless man like me."

Don't ask about the title. xD
Lots to tell. Last week has actually been busy for someone who spent most of her time at home for the last two months. (aka Warning: Long post ahead)

Friday my cousin got married. Seeing as I was ill/tired, I spent most of that evening in the car. Which was perfectly fine by me, I'm not one for socializing unless I pick the company.

Saturday I went to see Twilight. Turned out to be a rather good movie (I would almost say unfortunately, I really felt like bashing something). I ended up downloading the four books from the internet. Not that I particularly like reading ebooks, but hey, if it's the only way. *shrug* Good enough. lol Then again, I have not been reading anything but webcomics lately. Ever since I started that book blog. Shame on me xD

Sunday was my cousin's birthday. I borrowed money from mum for a present for her, and found a foot bath tub thing mum had on her wish list, so bought that too, even though I have no money, and borrowed it off sis.

Monday and Tuesday I used to catch my breath, I was in bed almost the whole time. I need to get totally better, my body is starting to get annoyingly weak.

Wednesday: Long day. We left for Cairo (around 09:10). Went to /The/Yearly International Book Fair. Sis had bronchitis before leaving, so Cairo's pollution did nothing to make her breath easier. Me and mum nearly fainted to heat and oxygenlessness. Every book-tent had too many people, and not much air. It took a real while to even find the place (lost in Cairo, woohoo. Came there at around 15:00), and when we did, we couldn't find where to look for the English books. By the time we finally did, I felt like curling up in my bed at home. I'm still glad we went though (partly because it was the day before last).
Every one of us got at least one book, so it's all good.

To get a glimpse ;D
(And this is just one of the countless sections)
-We only got to visit four like these-

Then we left for the house of mum's friend. After asking for directions every five minutes, we arrived two hours later. Ate there, then her daughter needed someone to talk to privately, and she took me "shopping" with her. When we finally came home, every bit of me was dizzy and aching. At their home, they had two mother cats over for a week, whilst their owner was in Finland, and they both had had kittens (sooo cute!). Took a few pictures of them, but then again I took a lot of pictures of everything ;D.
When I finally went to sleep, I slept about 7 hours straight (which is a miracle for me, insomnia and nightmares usually keep me awake).

Today, we spent practically the whole morning and afternoon talking(Which does not require moving. Yay.). I found out that being single means being honey to every single matchmaker out there. I got three "possible grooms" served to me within 24 hours. Two of them are half-Egyptian, half-Dutch. They're brothers (Awkward. -sweatdrop-). And one is half-Egyptian, half-Finnish. Drank lots of cola and nescafe (aka caffeine, albeit not much -squeal-), and ate lots of tangerines. (On that count, I gained back the weight I had lost whilst sick. Whee.)
Then we left around 17:00, and came back a couple of hours ago.

Conclusion of this trip:
Total time: 38+ hours
Time spent driving: 12+ hours
Dead Animal at the side of the road count: 5
Things brought home:
8 books (3 for me. Yes, I'mma read all eight. Mwahaha)
2 pairs of shoes (I got those as a present from mum's friend =o They didn't fit her xP)
Lots of doodles. (I'll upload those on my Deviantart later.)
Lots of pictures. (I'll post some here.)
- Lots of body-ache.
- People happy Jess has three new "possibilities". *rolls eyes*


Lil' puppy was so sad, it's companion was barking for attention, but this one was a lot quieter. Which is why it earns the attention. Rawr. So sweet. Poor thing, locked up in a cage like that.

The kittiness.

So cute. ;D

Really. Really cute.

And Fluffy.

Aaaand look at that.
Valentines's day isn't that close yet, is it?
But then again, they also started out rambling about Santa in November, so... I'm not too fond of that stuff, I guess. Maybe only if I have a partner xP But I really think the gift-giving and love-showing should be all year round, not just on one specific day, when you "have" to. (Not really have to, but still.)

And on our way back, I saw a glimpse of the pyramids (miles and miles away)
Just HAD to take a picture. Then the cam died. Boohoo ;-;

But! I took the picture nonetheless. So wootness ;D

Ah'kay. That's all for now, folks <3
The Gypsy.

PS: Yes, I did just spend half an hour trying to fix the HTML so the pictures would fit. Grrr. D<