Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Art And Technique of Cinema

That's what today's lectures at the Bibliotheca Alexandria were about.
Really interesting, to say the least. The first lecture was basically about the history of how the cinema even came to being, the second busied itself with the basics of movies. What made it professional, or amateur. What a director means with specific symbolism.. etc etc.

I knew the basics, but they went deeper into it, it was pretty intriguing. He also mentioned who he thought were the greatest of the greatest, when directors are concerned. He mentioned George Orson Welles, Francis Coppolla, Alfred Hitchcock and Steven Spielberg. I have to admit, I've never actually paid much attention to any names, not even the actors, most of the time, let alone producers and/or directors. Heh. Although the names sound familiar, I can't name more than a couple of movies to each.

The third and last lecture of today was about the techniques themselves. The fact that in old movies, they had 16 frames per second. That modern movies have from 25 to 30 frames per second, and therefore run more smoothly. Roughly calculated that means 172,800 frames in a two-hour-movie.. And seeing how an editor has to pick each and every shot.. How Spielberg admitted that in Jaws, it was a matter of 2 frames... 1/16 of a second.. that made the entire difference between something that was scary.. and something that looked like a white rubber turd in the water..
How CSI: Miami takes care to make all their episodes "golden". Literally. They take eache frame and edit it so much that it looks totally different from the original; brighter, with a hint of an orange-ish/yellow colour (aka gold.) So.. Much.. Work!
So woah, at all that.

And to all Egyptians out there...
I don't flinch and close my eyes to wait to hear a crash. I don't swerve away in panic.
I might, however, step on the gas and hope I'm quick enough to hit you. You don't actually want that, do you?
And to any Egyptians driving a car: Stop friggin' acting like you're on motorcycle and you fit in between everything damnit D< You don't! And I don't like the sound of scracthing cars D<

The Gypsy.


  1. Whenever CSI: Miami does that, I start singing that song "Yellow" by Coldplay. "It's all yellow."

  2. (Yay for Coldplay! :3)

    Hmm, I have to say that the only names I know from those four are Alfred Hitchcock and Steven Spielberg. Luckily I've seen a movie by both of them and now somewhat who they are. Woohoo! I'm not completely uncivilized! x'D

    That frame thing is interesting though. o.o Now that explains why they become smoother and all! I guess I never thought about it much, but yup, it does make sense!
    The thing with the goldens is funny though. I haven't even watched CSI: Miami, but I've noticed it. x'D

    Hmm, I've been told that I'm quite scary with a car myself, I've driven only a few times, but I pressed the gas more than I was supposed to I guess. xD Speed is... fun? 8D But I'm glad anybody wasn't around to get hit by me. XD More practice... more practice. The crazy crossing people and crazy squeezing drivers sound annoying though.
    Cough cough. Why am I so blood-thirsty today? x'D