Saturday, 14 February 2009

News.. Full of odd stuff x.x

Yesterday, a coupla kids got a baby (dad's 13, mum's 15), and it was just that once. I mean. He doesn't even know what the word "financially" means. They both took responsibility, though, and don't believe in abortions. That's pretty big.

And then another thing about a woman being attacked in Switzerland? It was something about racism, she miscarried in the process, and they scratched all kinds of messages into her skin.. Just.. horrid.

*tilts head* And then it's Valentine's day. I know someone who called it Single Awareness Day.. Which is kinda true, I guess. You immediately feel it if you're partnerless, or your partner isn't being all lovable. Besides that, it's one of the highest suicide rate nights of the year, so that's gotto be cheerful .__.

And now I'm watching a quite disturbing movie called Hard Candy. Yet I still want to know how it ends, else I would've just turned it to something else. Mind twister, this.

Just odd day, all of it. ~

The Gypsy.


  1. What an awful day. I couldn't feel more single today if Val called me up right now and dumped me.

  2. Lol @ Johhny.

    Yesterday, yesterday... Oh, YESTERDAY! My effing Flash guy bailed on me. Asshole. But my husband ended up saving the day, which was so cool xD

    But yea, we never celebrate Valentine's, in Leb I used to buy my friends gifts because it's the day of love. But now it's just too lame.

    Terrible news, though.

  3. Hard Candy is a great movie! Ellen Page was awesome in it. That disgusting man deserved it all, I must say! D<

    Also, alarming news. o___o The one about the young couple having a baby is comparable in a scandal-way to the single woman who got octuplets here in US, along with the all the other kids she already had.
    And the one about racism is just sick, I hate racism even more now. What is with people?! If they had born with a different kind of skin, I'm sure they would think differently.
    The one about Valentine's is kind of sad though. The day of love is the day of depression and suicides.
    Hmm... Actually that sounds in a very twisted and dark way kind of cool...
    I think I might use it somewhere. x'D