Monday, 27 January 2014

Oh, Busy time~

The first month of this year is nearing its end.
And it's been a good month. A good start. A good omen.
Excluding colds and other physical hiccups...

Besides actually getting somewhere as far as my thesis is concerned, I also attended and helped out at the Lauwers Reizen fair, where I'm doing my internship this summer.
Getting to know the company helps.
And made me more enthusiastic about this summer. More ready.
I spent a day painting children's faces again. It reminded me a lot of my job at the Apenheul on the Promotion Team. Good ol' times. (Ps: every face took 2 minutes max. It wasn't the perfectionist in me at work. Simply the "Havin' fun" me)

Also, spent time with the good people.
Visits abroad, birthday on the other side of the country, and helping out with DIO.
Saw the kids of my October camp again. Which felt rewarding.
Once you're in their hearts, you're stuck there.
Which goes for friends as well.
Appreciating every single loved one in my life. I am grateful.

Probably my favourite outfit.
Wish I could go out like this every day.

Try and spot me?
It's on the DIO website too, plus the whole story.
Talented bunch!

Next month is going to be quieter for me.
I'm going to focus on my thesis whole heartedly. Or, that's the plan, anyway.
Wish me luck!

The Gypsy

Monday, 13 January 2014

Nail art: a "new" obsession.

As promised: More updates.
Or an attempt to.
To be fair, I don't have nearly as many hobbies as I used to have.

I was the cheerleader, the girl who sang in a choir, visited orpanages, wrote scripts for university presentations only to end up acting in my own plays in front of a (true) audience.
I also wrote short stories, played the accordeon and guitar, played games, drew and painted myself silly. And I read. A lot.

Am I busier than 6-7 years ago? Hardly.
I just can't seem to get myself not to waste my time so much, and social media isn't helping.
If I'm not doing anything for school (like.. attempting to write my thesis), I'm feeling guilty and trying to kick my butt into gear, procrastinating, and basically end up doing very little, if anything at all.
I read, and from time to time catch myself doing something creative.
Oh, right.  And I travel.  Loads. 

The only new hobby I've picked up (aside from Zumba, which I'm not doing consistently at all. And travelling,  which isn't really new) is Nail Art.
Inspired by YouTube videos, pictures and tutorials on Pinterest, and random boredom (and, to be honest, avoiding schoolwork), I started giving it a try.
It's amateur work, really, and doesn't look as good as I'd like most of the time, but: It keeps me busy.

Here are a few examples of Nail Art of the past year:

Let it Snow: 


Disco nails

Sky line. 

Simbo :) 


Animals' Day

Lots of Whales


Coloured Marble

Black and White


Some turned out better than others.
I'm still perfecting the skill.
And I still need lots of practice (as well as patience).
It would probably work better if the nails are not on my (own) hands, but I don't like sticking on fake nails, they feel uncomfortable. I do, however, do this for friends (if asked -- and I have the time).

Hope you enjoy,

The Gypsy

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

To an adventurous 2014!

Woah! 2013 came and went, and sometimes I wonder how..
Time goes faster each year, whether you're having fun or not.

At the end of last 2012 I was clinging to that, and I didn't want closures or change.
I wasn't looking forward to 2013 so much, because 2012 had been epic.

Though I can't put 2013 in my top-three of years, I can't say it's been as horrible as I expected it to be, either, and that's a relief.

Despite the hospital visits and the (continueing) feeling offness, 2013 ended on a happy and hopeful note.
I did another list of things to be ticked off my bucket list, I visited more countries than expected at the beginning of the year, and spent time with amazing people (though granted, that's never enough).
I worked with children (at camps) for the first time in my life, and through them I got to know a whole new side of me. And I found out I don't really hate children. That's a first. :) Maybe there is hope, after all.

I don't do New Year's Resolutions.
I think you should change whatever you want to change when you think about it.
Not wait for January. Nor hope you will still be doing it in February.

Three things I do want to change, though, regardless of the time of the year:
1. Number of blogposts. ( 7 per year is not really nearly enough.)
2. Number of appreciation moments. Taking the time to live the moment.
3. Number of times to do things I love. (Not having time is not a valid excuse.. )

I'm looking forward to 2014.
I hope you all are too!

The Gypsy