Monday, 27 January 2014

Oh, Busy time~

The first month of this year is nearing its end.
And it's been a good month. A good start. A good omen.
Excluding colds and other physical hiccups...

Besides actually getting somewhere as far as my thesis is concerned, I also attended and helped out at the Lauwers Reizen fair, where I'm doing my internship this summer.
Getting to know the company helps.
And made me more enthusiastic about this summer. More ready.
I spent a day painting children's faces again. It reminded me a lot of my job at the Apenheul on the Promotion Team. Good ol' times. (Ps: every face took 2 minutes max. It wasn't the perfectionist in me at work. Simply the "Havin' fun" me)

Also, spent time with the good people.
Visits abroad, birthday on the other side of the country, and helping out with DIO.
Saw the kids of my October camp again. Which felt rewarding.
Once you're in their hearts, you're stuck there.
Which goes for friends as well.
Appreciating every single loved one in my life. I am grateful.

Probably my favourite outfit.
Wish I could go out like this every day.

Try and spot me?
It's on the DIO website too, plus the whole story.
Talented bunch!

Next month is going to be quieter for me.
I'm going to focus on my thesis whole heartedly. Or, that's the plan, anyway.
Wish me luck!

The Gypsy

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