Saturday, 1 February 2014

Movie review: Mirror Mirror (2010).

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Probably.

The cast was a mix up of all kinds of known actors and actresses, and their mothers.
I'm very bad at names, but I went all "Julia Roberts (Who was, admittedly, good at being evil).... HEY! That's the guy from the musical The Producers!
And that's the Lone Ranger! And the dwarf from Pirates! And OoooOooOooh.. NED STARK!"

I think that was the only thing in this movie I was genuinely enthusiastic about.
Oh. And the visuals are cool.

It's an even worse basterdization of the original than Hansel and Gretel (and that was a pretty shallow one already). It is as absurd as Alice in Wonderland and The Producers put together.

Also, it's just not funny.
Or rather: It's a specific sort of humor that either makes you giggle or groan, depending on who you are.
I groaned. A lot. Eye-rolled a lot, too.

It starts out with Julia Roberts trying? failing to imitate a British accent. Then there's a nice animation. Then there are dwarf bandits and  an idiot girl in a tedious story that has little to do with the actual original.
The idiot girl a.k.a the princess ends up lying, thieving, and manipulating -- she is nowhere near the Miss Goody Two Shoes she's supposed to be. The huge apple scene and a deep almost-death sorta sleep is completely emitted, cause apparently, this Snowwhite is too smart and cunning to be fooled.
The dialogue is mediocre at best. The movie has no depth.
And then, the entire movie ends with a Bollywood style dance and song AFTER the couple has kissed.

Not sure why/how I watched it to the end.

Don't watch it.
Unless you've watched EVERY OTHER movie you could think, read ALL books in your cupboard, and played "I spy with my little eye" with your siblings, and are STILL tied to your bed for some odd reason.

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