Monday, 24 February 2014

Internship is official ~ And schedule is out.

All hands on deck!

Or something like that.
Besides getting a GO today to start my concluding my thesis (still a long way to go, but it's a start) , I signed and thereby made truely official: My internship at Lauwers.

Even better: I know where I'm heading. Salzburg and Vienna (Austria) are one main trip that'll be repeated a few times, the Coast of Cantabria (North of Spain) another.

As top on this already pretty cool whipped cream base, a cherry: A cruise trip from South of France all the way around Spain to Britain and Amsterdam. I made quite a fool of myself in front of my parents, squealing and dancing in the kitchen.

Something like that.

I've never been to Spain before.
And I've been dreaming of going for.. a long time.

It's going to be a busy (warm) summer.
But not complaining.
At all.

On a side note: Watched the Avengers.  I think I've actually seen it before. Maybe.

The Gypsy

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