Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Almost the 12th :)

When I said that February would be a quiet(er) month for me, right here, I lied.


Okay. I didn't lie.
I just didn't know that I'd be this swamped AND having fun.
So far, I'm actually living up to my "resolutions".
At least the first two are looking/feeling promising. The third one is work in progress. :)

Besides my thesis, I had the house to myself a weekend when I dropped my mum and sister off at the station (they were heading for Belgium). Seeing as the male presence in this house is only in their rooms, sleeping or at their computer, if they are not at work, I was really mainly by myself.
And I actually got some work done.

Conclusion: People's presence is the biggest excuse I use to slack off.
That, and social media.

I made muffins for my brother and watched Thor: The Dark World with him, only to realize halfway that it was the sequal of Thor (which we were actually planning on watching).
So then we watched Thor afterwards.
And found out that the Avengers comes in between the two movies.
And that I should also watch Iron Man (1 and 2) and the Hulk if I wanted to enjoy any of this. xD Yay.

In the meantime, in Sotchi, the Dutch ice skating men are landing all the medals they can get their hands on.
I thought, the first time they got the three medals in a row for the 5 km (Sven Kramer -Gold-, Jan Blokhuijsen - Silver- and Jorrit Bergsma - Bronze-), that this was spectacular.
Having three others echo this in 500 m was almost unbelievably epic (Michel Mulder - Gold-, Jan Smeekens - Silver- and Ronald Mulder -Bronze). -Notice the last names, the gold and bronze sprinters are twins. :D
For the women: Irene Wüst did an awesome job scoring us gold for the 3 km, and Margo  Boer got bronze today for the short track 500 m.

I met up with lots of people this last week, some whom I hadn't seen in months (and one for 2 years) -- Lots of laughter and "gezelligheid" ensued.
I'm planning to keep that up. Though I should be more balanced about work and socializing >.<
Internship is getting more real, soon, the contract will be through and the schedule will be all-ready. Can't wait!

The Gypsy

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