Thursday, 20 February 2014

Entertainment brings success.

The more I seem to go out and socialize, the more successfully I can focus on working when I am at home.
Maybe it's the variety that helps. Not sure.
But seeing people is at least boosting my mental state.
So that's something.
Did I mention I love my friends?

And I've been busy focusing on the list in the last post. Which is making me more self aware.
And that's good, I suppose.

Yesterday, I spent some 11 hours going to and coming back from Belgium, for an hour and a half meeting (for my internship).
I wasn't even in delayed trains so much, but the place is a bit.. off-track.
The train goes there once an hour. So I needed to be there an hour early (or five minutes late).
And when I left, I had just missed it, so there went another hour. Not counting the actual travelling times..

But hey. I tested my patience successfully.
And though I was deadtired when I came home, I actually did small entertaining things on the way that didn't make it a torture.

The paper. There's such a thing as a too-healthy-food disorder... 

Paper crane trying to fly.

More cranes. I'm aiming for that lucky number thousand.

Antwerpen Central station. 

And then suddenly.. Boom. Dinosaurus. 

Lots of reading

I also wrote a few letters. (It's actually a challenge to have your writing be readable, on shaking public transportation). And music. My iPod hasn't been used this long in at least a year.

So now..
Back to work.

The Gypsy

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