Saturday, 31 July 2010


And then it was time for another update.
I've got a few "visitors". x)
Including mum and my siblings, but also Rowena: A cat.
She's silly. And a bit opportunistic: Only comes for a pat and a rub when she wants to be fed.
Pictures next time. Maybe.

Oh. I need to stop being broke.

Does anyone have good movie and/or book suggestions?
I'm going to be having a lot of time on my hands. I hope.

The Gypsy.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Back in Holland.

Ah, yes. Updates.
Not good at those. Much.
Did a lot, been really busy.
Avoided a lot, too. Kept me busy as while.
Paperwork, family, friends, movies..
Exhausting myself and not being sorry about it.
Relaxing and sleeping are for whimps, anyways.

A few snapshots of the past few weeks (Not necessarily in chronological order) : Enjoy:

The plane's food was very... worldcuppish.
Too bad that didn't work to our advantage.
Food was better on the way back, anyways.

Visited culture and architecture.

Sunsets. They look so good.

Some things though, they reminded me of Holland. And concerts. ;D

Long lost glory.
This theater has been around for more than a century?
Used to be a theater stage first, turned into a cinema later.

There has been a rather large number of people I know getting bethrothed and/or wed, settling down, and giving birth. Alarmingly many, really, of my own generation. Am I getting old?

These chicks? They be awesome.

Spent a lot of time around kids.

She rocks. Really.

That's the day of the worldcup finals.
We didn't lose cause of lack of supporters in Egypt, or colour-mistakes.

I'm not a sun-sea-sand kind of vacationer.
But swimming was awesome. I even went for a last minute dive a few hours before getting on the plane back.


I'm back home. =)

The Gypsy