Monday, 13 January 2014

Nail art: a "new" obsession.

As promised: More updates.
Or an attempt to.
To be fair, I don't have nearly as many hobbies as I used to have.

I was the cheerleader, the girl who sang in a choir, visited orpanages, wrote scripts for university presentations only to end up acting in my own plays in front of a (true) audience.
I also wrote short stories, played the accordeon and guitar, played games, drew and painted myself silly. And I read. A lot.

Am I busier than 6-7 years ago? Hardly.
I just can't seem to get myself not to waste my time so much, and social media isn't helping.
If I'm not doing anything for school (like.. attempting to write my thesis), I'm feeling guilty and trying to kick my butt into gear, procrastinating, and basically end up doing very little, if anything at all.
I read, and from time to time catch myself doing something creative.
Oh, right.  And I travel.  Loads. 

The only new hobby I've picked up (aside from Zumba, which I'm not doing consistently at all. And travelling,  which isn't really new) is Nail Art.
Inspired by YouTube videos, pictures and tutorials on Pinterest, and random boredom (and, to be honest, avoiding schoolwork), I started giving it a try.
It's amateur work, really, and doesn't look as good as I'd like most of the time, but: It keeps me busy.

Here are a few examples of Nail Art of the past year:

Let it Snow: 


Disco nails

Sky line. 

Simbo :) 


Animals' Day

Lots of Whales


Coloured Marble

Black and White


Some turned out better than others.
I'm still perfecting the skill.
And I still need lots of practice (as well as patience).
It would probably work better if the nails are not on my (own) hands, but I don't like sticking on fake nails, they feel uncomfortable. I do, however, do this for friends (if asked -- and I have the time).

Hope you enjoy,

The Gypsy

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