Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween ;)

I know, I know.
I should be ashamed of myself.
A month ago I typed more than 30 (33?) blog posts in a month.
And this month I barely get five posts in total.
I've been busy though. Keeping busy is a good way to get by.

Last week I've been spoiled like crazy.
I want to say "No clue why", but I do, of course.
Anyways. It felt good to be spoiled.
Got clothes as presents. Good fitting, fancy clothes.
Went to the cinema, and saw Despicable Me, and laughed my head off.
Got taken out to the Posh Neighbourhood (with capital letters) of the Hague. Fancy lunch, some shopping, and went to see the Escher Museum, before bumping into the queen. (The real queen of the country, that is, who proceeded to wave cheerfully my way before getting into her car)
And we celebrated Tamara's and Judith's birthday last weekend, and my uncle and aunt's thirtieth wedding anniversary, and both of their birthdays combined this weekend, with lots of cheese, people and laughter.

I'll just upload /some/ pictures then, shall I?
To give you a better mood impression ;) (I'm getting good at this)

The museum.

The ceiling and chandeliers :0

Seriously Escher ;)

A good photographer is half the work, if I say so myself.

She's so pretty, oh so pretty~

It's never-ending..

Funny people in the yard~

That's probably the closest I'll ever get to Her Majesty.
On the other hand, some people don't get a wave from the Queen herself~

I also just came back from watching "Elle s'appellait Sarah".. Very sad.. Very good.
I think on some points, it might even be better than the book I read last week. (shock! Teh horror!)
It actually got me teary-eyed, something the book hadn't succeeded in doing.

Oh yes, and a very happy Halloween, of course ;D

The Gypsy

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