Friday, 15 October 2010

Golden Realization

I've realized something, something very special.
I have something to write about (almost) every day.
And I have ten different things to talk about in five minutes.
I think about twenty different blog entries through out the day.

Without the blog challenge, the dare, the feeling I /have/ to write (for myself, I never tried completing that challenge for anyone else).. I don't write.
I delay things. I think: "I might as well write that tonight" or "I'll wait till tomorrow, I've got no energy, or inspiration today."

I'm faulty that way.
And to be very honest: It's rather annoying.
So yes, my health has been down more than up, as have my emotional and mental wellness.. I've been busy more often than not, these past few weeks.. But that's no excuse whatsoever.
If I could write when I had a sky high fever, then I can write under almost any circumstance. Given that I have something I direly need to write about, of course. This blog isn't meant for spamming. Really. xD

Also: I miss writing.
That'd be the most important reason to do it at all.

The Gypsy


  1. Lack of motivation and procrastinating?

    There hasn't been as much contact lately
    as I would have liked ,but still much happening..

    ...been up north for about 2 months now.

    Also: I miss chatting.
    Especially with you and my close friends.