Saturday, 11 September 2010

Day 11. Your Siblings

Are a boy and a girl.

This remind you of any post before?
Quite. xD It's scarily alike. If I would've gone " are Male and Female" , things would have been scarier, though. Just so you know.
Though they act quite differently, mind.

Both my brother and my sister are younger than I am.
7 and 2 years younger, respectively, to be exact.

Only a few weeks ago my brother went from "lil Bro" to being taller than I am.
I'm both proud, and happy I'm not the tallest one anymore.
My sister, on the other hand, feels quite bitter about the fact that she is the shortest.
She won't agree on or accept any of the positive terms: "Pixie/doll- like", "petite" and the fact that she's prettiest one of the three of us.

Talking about looks, apparently Sis is a copy of dad's sister when she was younger.
She's also slightly darker-skinned than the yellow-sallow paleness of Bro and me.
According to mum, I'm the female version of her younger brother. And everybody agrees Bro is the male version of me. Though blonder. Or he used to be.

Bro has got a game addiction.
Actually, he's got a liability to get obsessed over or addicted to things easily.
He's like me in that way.

Though Sis is by far the most indecisive of us three, we all take after Mum that way.
She's also a big-time Feminist. I thought I was one until she turned to the most extreme form of it. Now I rarely use the F-word anymore.

We also all share the Magdelijns-genes where it comes to intelligence, creativity and being even slightly musically inclined, seeing as it definitely doesn't come from the other side of our gene-pool.

The three of us are pro-Dutch, anti-Egyptian in most ways. Though I try looking at things objectively, and try seeing the "positive" of both sides, try combining/using the assets, Sis is quick to blame and condemn, and Bro just couldn't care less. xD

We squabble, fight and argue a lot. Actually, almost always. About anything.
We still love each other though.
I think.

The Gypsy

PS: Yes, I used me as a comparison to talk about my siblings.
I don't know why. I never do that with friends when I talk about them, but with family I seem quite quick to compare and differentiate.

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  1. That reminds me I haven't heard from my brothers much for a while nows..

    ...but yeah that was descriptive ;3

    I'm curious to know your definition of feminism..