Sunday, 12 September 2010

Day 12. What's in Your Bag

Ooh. All kinds of interesting things, I assure you.
Not really.

Let's see.

♂ My mobile.
♀ My (empty) wallet.
♂ A book. (A Room Of One's Own.)
♀ My passport.
♂ A pack of chewing gum.
♀ Keys.
♂ A bottle of water.
♀ A pad.
♂ Borrowed music player.
♀ 3D glasses, for some vague reason.
♂ A Mars.

There should be some tissues in there.
What does that say about me?
Besides that I'm a materialistic eating-addict bookworm?

The Gypsy


  1. Its funny ,I actually bought myself a bag..

    ...a green bag of sorts ,just yesterday ;3

    You'd probably be the only one to guess right
    about what is in it ,Gyps~ You know me x3

  2. I learned a long time ago not to ask what's in a woman's bag/purse/etc. The hard way. :|

    I also finished my ninth book in nine days. Also, it's just past midnight and I miss you. *flails* Not that I'd be able to converse with my eyes having been replaced by PAIN ORBS.