Sunday, 26 September 2010

Day 26. Your Fears

I've been told I used to scream when flies neared me, when I was two.
Not being used to the black, nasty, humming, tickling insects in Holland, I'd scream my tiny lungs out on visits to Egypt, where they covered the floor, the food, and our own bodies.

Later, I used to not be able to name my fears.
I used to be proud of not fearing heights, spiders, water, or the dark.
I was never afraid of monsters under my bed.
Rather, I would try to get them to come out and talk to me.
I used to be insulted when anybody suggested I was afraid.
I'd take it as a challenge, a dare. Afraid? Me? I'll show you how afraid I am.
Not anymore though. I don't blindly follow any dare, at least.

After reading Rowling's Harry Potter, however, I've been able to name my fear.
I fear fear. I fear to be afraid.
I don't mean a good adrenaline rush, or exam stress. They usually just strengthen and heighten your focus, increase your concentration.
I fear the paralyzing, I can't move- my heart just stopped, kind of fear.

The Gypsy


  1. I like to turn my fear into funk ,
    making it into exciting music.

    I believe most if not all fear
    originates from uncertainty and the unknown..