Saturday, 18 September 2010

Day 18. Your Favourite Birthday

I think, with this one, I have a general idea.
Though almost every year I do something for my birthday,
whether it's going to the movies with my family, or inviting all relatives over, or going out with friends.. I'm going to go with my 21st birthday.

Because I celebrated that one three times.
Once, with my family. We went to see a movie. Push. Good movie, too.
Once, with my closest friends available. We had fun.
Once, with my relatives. We had cake.
Big haul of presents.
Seriously good quality time. All three times.

Now, I'm going to try and list the movies I've seen on my birthdays.
I only broke that routine this year, before now I've seen one on/around that day every year.
Treasure Planet being one of them. Maaaany years ago. (2002)
16 Blocks, 2006. I'll need my diary to look up any more. My memory sucks so damn bad. x'D

The Gypsy

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