Saturday, 4 September 2010

Lungtransplant - Ready, Set, Go.

A third call for Tamara happened last night.
Unfortunately only those blessed with the Dutch language can follow that one.
So I figure I'd sort of keep it up here too.
Venting helps. A bit.

She got the call at 03:30 am, and at after saying goodbyes, got aneasthetized after 11 am.
In the meantime it was just a frustratingly long wait. Praying, hoping, and keeping our thumbs crossed till they turned blue.

3 times apparently was the charm, seeing as they got a green light at about 13:30.
She's still in surgery. It might take till this evening. Probably will get an update after her first (succesful) new lung is set in.
Until then, anxious, yet hopeful waiting. Sending good vibes her way would help. So yeah. Please help?

The Gypsy.

(Ps: My times may be inaccurate. It was a bit of a blur)

1 comment:

  1. I'm not good with understanding your times anyway. *snugs*

    Good luck, Tammy. People on the opposite sides of the globe are praying in several different religions for you.