Monday, 13 September 2010

Day 13. This Week

This week has been one 'helluva' week.

What with hospital visits, doctor's appointments, a birthday party I just /had/ to go to in spite of everything, spending quality time with mum (I'd add, and my siblings, but I haven't seen much of them), a walk along the beach, movies watched, and general exhaustion, it's been tiring, to say the least. Tensioned. Stressful. But good in quite a few ways.

Or am I supposed to be talking about this coming week?
That's also going to be one 'helluva' week, encouriging Tamara to get her butt out of hospital in record time, and probably lots of reading, writing, researching, and more quality time with the most important woman in my life.

Oh, and I get to go choose a desk soon. And maybe some curtains.
And I'm thinking of braces. And a parttime job to fund said braces. Or I'mma have to find a spot underneath some bridge. A good spot and a good hat to collect begged money in.

Also, I thought these guidelines would make blogging easier.
But I've noticed I'm quite irked by the way it tells you what to write about.
Inspiration wise, it's killing.
But no, not quitting. Definitely not now I'm almost halfway.

The Gypsy.

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  1. I love pretty girl's braces..

    ...but have a hard time explaining why x3