Friday, 17 September 2010

Good Campaign, and Personal Update.

"Would you want somebody else's organ if that would save your life? ... But are /you/ a donor yet?"
That's a rough translation of the slogan of the national donor-campaign here in Holland.
And I love it.

Since Tamara's transplantation, there have been three more within 9 days following her own surgery. Lianne, Wouter, and Kim M (Author of an autobiography; Ademloos -- about Cystic Fibrosis) have been lucky enough to follow in Tamara's footsteps. Some are recovering faster than others, but some surgeries took "only" 7 hours, others a total of 11 or 12. Seeing as you need a week to heal for every hour of surgery.. well, you can figure it out ;D

Tamara had been doing really well. Though sometimes slightly blue, feeling she wants to heal faster than her body is allowing her to, she has had really good peaks over the last two weeks.
All her drains have been taken out, as her catheter, a physical and mental relief, to say the least.
Since yesterday, she has even been completely oxygen-tubeless for the first time in three years or so! If she continues healing at this pace, she'll be home before her own lung-physician comes back from his vacation (he left just two days before her surgery, they kind of want to surprise him with this -- if he isn't keeping himself up to date about his patients, anyhow)

Personally, though I hate to admit it, my own health hasn't been all that much lately.
I bet it's mostly stress and worry, Ramadan, insomnia, and whatnot, but I've been hyperventilating off and on for a few weeks now, and I'm continuously exhausted, even without doing much of anything. I pass out randomly throughout the day/night, yet when I try to sleep, I'm as insomnia-ish as ever.

It didn't really register until I went to visit Tamara, and took a turn to measure my oxygen-in-blood saturation (which was 100% ;D ) and heart rate (which was almost as high as Tamara's, without doing the slightest exercise, while I usually have the lowest blood pressure ever)
Tamara made Rick type her blog entry, in which she described her own too-fast heart rate as being non-stop exhausting, and suddenly that rang my own alarm bells.
Should see my doc about that. I know.

But that's pretty much the reason I'm not up-to-date about anything but my blog challenge posts. Which are pretty difficult to keep up with in the first place..

The Gypsy


  1. I can't donate. I've been told since I was seventeen by certain agencies that my blood and organs are poisonous and that I should be ashamed of myself.

    It is legal to donate blood at the age of sixteen and I stopped slightly before I turned seventeen. I donated three times.

  2. Technology exists now that can regrow organs ,
    teeth ,bones and most things one can think of.

    But it has been suppressed because its not
    profitable for the profit structure system.
    (Meaning that it costs huge fortunes)

    At some point it'll be possible for anyone
    to get them organs regrown for free.

    Likewise ,people died from cold and such
    in the past or just from breaking a leg..