Monday, 6 September 2010

Registered Donor Yet?

If not, now is the time to fill in your name. (If you're capable of/allowed to donate organs, that is.)

Tamara had a rough Saturday on Sunday night, as they couldn't stop the bleeding on the Intensive Care. Apparently they had hit a small vein/artery near her heart that started leaking as soon as she got another bloodtransfusion.
So they decided it would be best to perform another surgery, after which she became reasonably stable.

Sunday morning she opened her eyes for the first time when Rick took hold of her hand, and she has been opening them more frequently and for longer periods of time ever since.
She had a slight panic attack about the intubation, I cannot imagine how horrible that thing feels.
Nurses were strict about that though. Just one or two more days, and she wouldn't risk needing to be anaesthetized to place that stupid painful tube again.

Today, they took the tube out. Since then, she's been whispering everybody's ears off when she has the energy to. :) Go Tamara!
She's also been having dreams about sheep. (? xD)
Still a few difficult weeks ahead, but she's reaching milestone after milestone with ease and grace as if it's all a piece of pie.
We couldn't be prouder of her, nor happier. :)

The Gypsy

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  1. That's good ^^ Hope she gets better..

    I think some of my comments on your blog vanished.