Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Day 22. Something that Upsets You

I'm glad it said "something", and not "things".
Because I would, most likely, have a never ending list of all the things that hurt, annoy, anger or otherwise upset me.

I'd like to name two things that seriously upset me, though I think they're technically one, because in one way, they're linked.

1. The way some people treat others.

I live with the motto "treat others like you'd want to be treated." Just like I think changing the world means you need to start with yourself. If you don't see the point in doing it by yourself, and everybody else thinks the same thing, nobody'll ever change anything, thus it will definitely not have a point.
Where was I going with this? Oh, yes. The way people can be discriminating, harsh, or just downright rude through bluntness, which they can't find fault with and will describe only as "honesty". It annoys me. I appreciate honesty, but I can appreciate delicacy and subtlety even more. Be honest, but for heaven's sake, be kind.

2. The way people always choose their outsiders.

I've been treated as a foreigner in Egypt, but I sometimes get treated just as much as a foreigner in Holland. In Egypt, I don't mind it. In Egypt, I feel like a foreigner.
In Holland, on the other hand, I feel insulted, in a way. People who don't know me, accept me as Dutch, no questions asked. It's not my language, accent, and even though I'm more of a yellow shade, my skin-colour isn't even worthy of the name "tan". It's the people who know that I've lived in Egypt, people who read my surname before meeting me, they continue to see me as an outsider for the rest of forever.
When I try making German people feel at home here, it's rather unfair that other people like treating me as if it isn't my home. I'm more bloody Dutch than the future king of the Netherlands, for heaven's sake; Willem Alexander is 3/4 German. Also: nobody ever called Marco Borsato "that Italian singer"..

The Gypsy

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