Sunday, 5 September 2010

Day 5. Your Definition of Love

This one is easy.

Love is the feeling you can't describe. It combines world's greatest emotions in one.
The feeling that you'd do a lot (or everything) for that creature.
That you care whether they're happy or sad, whether they live or die.

You can love in a gazillion different ways.
You can love your friends, but they'll be loved differently from family.
You can love a puppy, your cat, or your new bling laptop.
You can love liquorice, or cheese, fruit, chocolate or pizza.
You can love that special person, that soul-mate, in twenty million ways.
You should love yourself.

Love is good though.
It feels good to be loved.
It feels even better to love.
Like the whole world is at peace.

I love love. That's for sure.

The Gypsy

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