Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Day 7. Your Best Friend

Ah, there we go again with the annoying questions.
Who made these up? Seriously.
It's like filling in my cousin Suzanne's Friendship-booklet all over again.

Best movie, favourite food, best friend, favourite song..
Does best mean that everything else ranks second, third, hundredth on that list?
What if I don't have a favourite movie, just a list of several movies I find good.
Why do I have to choose anyways? I really really don't like choosing.
Especially not, and here it comes: Especially not where my friends are concerned.
They're all bloody fantastic ├╝ber-awesome people, damnit, else they wouldn't deserve that "friend" title to begin with. If I do favour one above the other, what would that make of me if I'd just go ahead and and name one person, with it kind of stating everybody else sucks in comparison.

+Cough+ Did I let myself go?
I might've, a bit. Sorry. ^ ^;;

Here, then, comes a list of "best" friends. In totally random order, too.
And no, if you're not on it it doesn't mean right away I don't consider you a good friend.
Listing things means you need to put your memory at work.
And my memory is by default really lazy. And yes, I'll use you're nickname, if you're using that online. And yes. It's an international list. Hurray.

♠ Johnny Vincero
♠ Judith
♠ Sharita
♠ Marijn
♠ Ralf
♠ Jack Garret
♠ Sara Z
♠ Jazz
♠ Qarfur
♠ Ingrid
♠ Heba F

If I would have nothing left in the world, no home, no money, no job, no family, then those would be the people that I'd probably go to for help. Because I'm sure they wouldn't let me down.
Likewise, if they ever need anything whatsoever, I'd pretty much do everything within my power to make sure they get it.

The Gypsy

1 comment:

  1. The feeling is mostly mutual here..

    ...there's no need to compromise ,
    you can have it all.

    Having at least 5 reliable best friends
    is very important..

    ...especially in these times