Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Day 28. Something that You Miss

A good long sleep, after which a day follows where I feel refreshed, energetic, healthy and painless.
It's been a rather long while since that happened.

That, and some of my friends.
That's pretty much the problem of having friends all over the globe.
It's nigh impossible to keep in touch with all of them.
Especially if you're either busy or sick a lot of the time yourself.

The Gypsy

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  1. I'm here nows~

    I recently read about something strange..

    ...sleep patterns can be altered
    in a way so that sleep doesn't take as long
    but still covers the regenerating part.

    What I mean is one can sleep a little
    in certain hours and still be well rested.

    Also if you make it a condition in your mind
    that you cannot sleep ,then it will be so.