Thursday, 16 September 2010

Day 16. Your Favourite Vacation

My favourite vacation is one where culture, nature and fun activities are central.

I'm not one for lying/chillaxing at a beach somewhere, drinking till all my braincells are dead, totally ignoring the fact that the burning sun might give me skin cancer in a few short years.

If there's walking, swimming, biking or any other activity, it's already great to begin with.
If there're mountains, hills, forests, dunes, beaches there, it's even better.
If there're (reasonably affordable) museums/churches/(see the Unesco Heritage List) in the neighbourhood, it's uberly awesome.

The Seven World Wonders (Old and new, so basically there are about twenty right now) are definitely on my must-visit list. There's plenty I want to explore. Plenty I'm curious about.

As for an actual experience: I have very good memories of my vacation to Austria (Zell am See) a few years ago. The mountain walks, visiting (and climbing) the Grossglockner, seeing waterfalls in Kaprun, taking a peek at Salzburg (Mozartcity) with the birthhouse of Mozart, castle/Schloss Hellbrunn, and a lake trip with a hired speedboat. And time for reading. Good times. :)

The Gypsy

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  1. As long as there's balance you be able to
    travel the world to wherever you wish~

    Balance in sleep ,balance staying in the sun ,
    eating and drinking ,exercise and so on.. be easy to maintain balance
    (and there's always a way back to the light)
    with determination and high spirits~