Monday, 27 September 2010

Day 27. Your Favourite Place

That also depends on my mood. Right now, my bed and couch are my favourite two places. I'm don't have the energy to do more than lie down. I read and type occasionally only because I'm deadbored already. Which means I am getting better, right?

My favourite place, usually, is with my friends.
Wherever I am, whether at a beach, in a mall (shock! Me hate shopping D;) or at somebody's place, or even at the computer, as long as the company is good, and I'm having a good time, the place -wherever that is- is perfect.
I'm in love with nature, so wherever I can catch a glimpse of forest, sky, or water, is a good place.

Also, a favourite place of mine is in arms.
I'm addicted to hugs.
But I mentioned that before, didn't I?

The Gypsy

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