Saturday, 9 May 2009

Two family weddings in one~

Seeing as my cousin married my father's cousin~
So I thought I would know nearly everyone, seeing as they would both be inviting the same family. But I thought wrong, the bride and groom having invited more friends than relatives, and even the relatives were people I didn't know. Go me x'D

It was a typically Egyptian marriage.
In the evening, with lots of noise, lots of lights, more noise, little food, and did I mention noise already?
They'll be pregnant in two months, give or take. :3 See if I'm wrong xD

I'll upload a video and some pictures, not much more to tell. (Except that I'm having trouble at home. Which is now neither the time nor the the place to talk about.)
Really exhausted, my body is aching.

Me, sis, my nephew, and the wife of a cousin of mine.

The kids of those that belong to my generation. I feel so old.

Me. Sorta anyways.

The Gypsy

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