Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Presents rock.

"Out of tune and out of place again
the same old crowd, the same expression
never coming back again"

So I got presents for my 21st birthday after all. (Not from siblings or parents, mind)
Today, two days late, my whole family showed up. Within no time they had decorated the place, and my uncle (who shares the bakery with dad) got me such a BIG cake.. Even though I'm a pie person, really, I appreciated that a lot. Food enough for all, and same with drinks. That's the most important thing when hosting, nay?

Anyways, when family is over I rarely have any fun.
They're not "my kind of people", whatever that means. They're human. ~tilts head~ I alien. ~nod~

But that doesn't really matter... cause I got presents! Wooohooo! xD
Little things, really. But that's just fine. It's cute. Most of it anyways.
Got some clothes (for inside the house & outside), accessories (necklaces, bracelets, and one gorgeous belt), a bag, some kind of frame thingy, and most beautiful of all: a small white-gold flower pendant. Oh, and something else, but you'll have to ask me over IM if you're interested in knowing, I don't know about posting it here xD I'll get snarky and that's not fair, it's the thought behind me that counts~

(what's so interesting to them here are
the wedding pictures on the compy)

Drove some relatives home.. Came home, gave the janitor's wife a big piece of cake, helped clean up, and tried on the clothes. Most fit to perfection, so I got the "Evil Eye" from my sister, because clothes are usually either too big or too small for her.
The Evil Eye being an Arabic superstition thingy, like jealousy, which is like a curse to whoever you're jealous of, so something bad happens to them/it. Here I used it as a joke, mind. Nothing bad happened to me. Yet.

On a related yet completely different note: I need to stop eating so much. Dad cooked today, and he piles up plates so full x.x And I don't know. Guess I've been trained to empty my plate, so, yeah. Then with the cake I didn't even like, and soda for the first time in a long time.. Been feeling over-stuffed all day, and I keep eating. Makes no sense. Not even craving food. So.. o.o

~curls up, and yawns~

Today is also a year ago that Pluisje died.
I miss her so much it hurts.
Ik hou van je, watje. [/dutch]

The Gypsy

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  1. I figure each positive force you have in your life is like a stilt holding up one of those houses that stand in floods and hurricanes. Some of them are small and subtle, others are what engineers call "load-bearing," the significance of which I'm sure you can infer.

    But the house never just falls down when a support weakens. You notice it and patch it and, gradually, fit it for a new one. And it's true that the house will never be again what it was with that original beam beneath it, it'll at least survive another storm.