Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Sea

I love the sea. It's the only thing of Egypt I'd miss if I went anywhere else.
Only /thing/. I'd miss plenty of people.
But the sea, that's something special. Like those people.
This morning, instead of trying to catch some sleep, I went out with two friends.
I should not have, I know. But I couldn't focus on studying anymore.
It was great.
We were as absolutely carefree as can be in the middle of an exam period.

And I was being absolutely crazy. :3 Specifically when driving was concerned xD
And I had cheesecake! Woohoo.

A bit more studying, then I'm turning in "early".

The Gypsy

1 comment:

  1. Well , it s true the greatest day ever, was fun and we were carefree and happy we havent slept so u could say we were kind o awesome breakfast and cheese cake in the morn although i d prefer some other kind : P