Thursday, 29 January 2009

Life is what happens when you're busy making plans.

-John Lennon.
I don't know what that is about.
I heard that quote twice on tv, within 24 hours. Now, that, to me, is scary.
Specifically cause I do not usually watch that much TV.
And because usually TV I watch has some sort of variety.
Alright, so I didn't watch something twice, it was completely different.

I'm not planning anything in particular, and still it feels like it's directed towards me personally.
Because I'm not planning anything?
Maybe I'm afraid my already-made plans are doomed to fail?

Simply: Getting out of here.
I'm not even including traveling all over the world and reading as many books as possible.
Why am I afraid that'll fail?

Because every time a character whines about plans that have failed, the quote in the title is what they get in response. Like my twin says, I just can't wait to get started with my life already.
It's put on hold till I can change something. So my plan of starting to live is going to fail because life is happening whilst I'm waiting for my life to start?
Why do I have the feeling there's something wrong with all of this?

Partly cause I promised myself I wouldn't start whining here.
And that I am, anyways. And that I need to stop it. I think I just needed to type it out to be able to move on to happier subjects?

On another note, can't focus enough to do anything. Feel unproductive, and a wreck.
Imma shut up nao. *noddles*

The Gypsy.


  1. He was right within his context, but don't misunderstand him. He doesn't have problem with planning so long as it's not micromanaging, because then your plans become brittle and your dreams become stale. He'd have wanted you to adapt the situation and, much more importantly, have hope that even if you don't get exactly something you want that it could be something you'll be happy with.

    As someone who owns nearly every Beatles CD and a lot of John Lennon's solo work and has watched the entire 8+ hours of the Beatles Anthology, I'm an expert on the guy.

    *hugs* S'gonna be alright, hon, whether you know it or not.

  2. I wasn't misunderstanding him, I was just making matters worse for myself, is all xD

    +hugs back+ If you say so.

  3. Someday an overwhelming sense of happiness and health is going to frighten and confuse you because you won't be able to recognize it when it arrives. :3

    Speaking of happiness and health, I have to be awake right now because great and terrible heartburn has kicked in and my stomach is eating me from the inside. It's quite annoying. And don't you dare feel sorry for me because I completely brought this on myself.

  4. I know the feeling, I feel the same all the time. Sure, I'm on the other side of the world, and sure, I'm trying to plan something for my future, but at the present moment I'm not planning anything.
    I mean, whoa. You're always waiting for something, a few more years until the big change... People keep telling you it's the time of your life now, you're young and full of energy and you should go find yourself and start planning your future and so on.
    Life is so difficult and it hasn't even started yet?! >.<
    What is life anyway? @____@
    Too much thinking... can be bad.