Thursday, 1 January 2009

This is me.

Hello there.
I'm Jess. Dutch, and part Egyptian.
Currently living in Egypt, but hopefully not for much longer.
I'm passionate about writing, which is why I started this to begin with, as well as travelling, reading and taking pictures. It's one of my life's missions to read as many books and visit as many countries as possible.
I don't really want to dedicate lots to introducing myself, I'm not writing any of this except for myself, and those who know me, to read.
Why I waited till the beginning of 2009 to start this, I'm not too sure about. All I know is that 2008 has been one bad year, and hopefully this year will be a lot better.
I'll certainly be working on trying as hard as possible to be more optimistic than the usual me, less depressed, more productive with everything. More painting, writing, reading, knowledge, time with friends, more of everything good. :3 Less Egypt. My wish for 2009. I'm being realistic, I think. Hope. Wish.
The Gypsy.


  1. *breaks a champagne bottle on the side of the blog*

  2. Heey Volger:)

    Ik ga je blog ook lezen vanaf nu:)

    xxx Tamara

  3. Oh right I should have commented here first.
    I will be following this! >D *attention, right hand up, salute, whatever it's called* x'D
    YES! Kings do those too! D< Well at least I do! :D
    Much luff. x3