Friday, 23 January 2009

And I talk to Sean & Jazz.

( Another oil painting by me)

Highlight of my day. Shame on me for not mentioning that when mentioning my daily routine. ~nod~
There. Now you got yourself in the title ;)
To make it clear for others: Sean and Jazz are my bestest friends. Luff them to pieces.

Today: Lotsa family. Lotsa gossip. Lotsa aimless noise. My poor ears.
I started my new painting. Want it perfect. Rawr.
And I'm hooked to a webcomic. It's fun to read again! =o (Thankjuu twinzors <3)

I think I said it all for today ^_^

The Gypsy.


  1. You'd think you'd remember something you do for the last three and first three hours of everyday. xD *poke*

    Lemme know how the new blog's coming along so I can RSS it. Also, lemme know when you need a new comic, and I'll link you.

  2. New painting! HOO! Will be waiting for that! 8D