Sunday, 11 January 2009

Cruise ships. @_@

Alright, so I know I haven't posted for a couple of days.
I was resting, because resting leads to a more speedy recovery, nay?
It has to, because I'm quite sick and tired of being sick and tired. ^_^
I slept a lot today, which might be why I felt fit enough to actually do something.

Anyways, this thought has been haunting my mind for a couple of days now,
and although I admit I have yet to much effort into researching the idea, it's quite worth it anyways: Working on a cruise ship.
It means I get to travel, and get paid for it as well. I mean, how good does it get.
I read that most cruise ships allow their crew phone access, as well as discounted prices for their internet, so it's not like cutting myself off of my life completely. I do know that it's more than a full-time's job, I mean, it's being on a ship for 24/7 for weeks or months, with exceptions when it stops in a port/haven. And even then schedule might not allow us to even visit land.
Thing is, I want to visit countries that I find interesting myself, and not all just beaches and sun, that sounds very depressing. To me, at least.

I'm going to try and eat, so.. Later.
The Gypsy.


  1. Well, your knowledge of languages would be a major plus. Your personality would be a major plus. Actually, I can't think of a reason they wouldn't hire you.

  2. Ho, that's a good idea! I mean, being a flight attendant could technically be cool too, but then you can't really see anything else but airports. Yupyup, I say go for it! x3