Sunday, 4 January 2009

My oh my.

Television cramps my eye.

I know. That rhymes.
It does though.
Part of a show made me totally jealous xD

A reunion something, a class comes together after so many years, to tell of what they've achieved. There's a guy who loves horses just.. upped and left to Texas when he was 19 or so. Now he has a kick-ass ranch, with about fifty horses, and Iunno what else. I want them horses. Rawr. I mean, if there's any animal I'm passionate about -and I love all animals- it's horses. :3

Made me wonder. Maybe I can do that. Or something similar. But then again, I'm full of "What now?" questions. Or what in June, really. Now all I'm wanting is to catch up enough to succeed this year. Cause if I do, I'm not tied to here anymore, as much as I am now.
Plus, by that time I'll have reached my 21st birthday, which means I'm an independent adult in almost every country, yes? Means all I have to do is get out of those countries where I can't be. I'll probably come up with new ideas every time I post. Now it's a ranch, yesterday it was a scholarship in the States, the day before a job in Holland. How do you get rid of that lost feeling? I know they certainly won't be cheering me on to leave, they can't, or don't want to, let go. They'll have to. ~nod~ And I'll find out what I can/want to do, too. Soon enough.

Now, I wonder how many ideas there are in those coupla sentences. :3 Though that is a natural train of thought, for me. I have ten of those a minute. At least, haha. Could be fun if there'd be an on/off switch for my brain. I'd give it it's well-deserved daily rest, even though it doesn't regard it necessary to give me any rest at all. xD I'm going to give my hand some rest though, typing one-handedly can be tiring.
PS: Mum's birthday today. She wasn't excessively happy, though. Mood at home is to die for. Or from. Quite literally.
The Gypsy <3

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  1. Train of thought! THAT'S what they're called! I was always wondering about what to call them! I mean, I always call them thought chains or something. I tried to explain that to my host dad but he didn't really get it. xD Train of thoughts... That sounds cool. x3
    Almost as cool as that one expression, what was it, "footsteps of storm" that I read from Dracula today? OMG your randomness is infecting me, too! XD