Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Day 8. A Picture Of Your Queen

Now, isn't that a coincidence?
I happened to have taken a picture of our queen with my own camera.
Say hello to Beatrix van Oranje.

In case this "Queen"thing was meant as a double entendre... too bad.
I've caught a cold. I feel crappy. I'm not going to think about anything deeply after this heavy (yet productive) day. xD
I mean, she even waved at me before getting in her car. Nuff said.

The Gypsy

PS: Because I reminded myself of it and now I'm DYING to quote it "You know, these clothes do not flatter you at all. It should be a dress, or nothing. I happen to have no dress in my cabin." -Jack Sparrow.
Pfffew. /relief.
Quoting's like Tourette's to me.

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