Sunday, 20 March 2011

Day 19. A Picture and A Letter

Dearly disliked CF,

You're something I've grown up with. Grown to live with.
Not in my own body, so not directly, but in my life.
You had to parasite yourself on two girls I dearly love and have favorited amongst my relatives in forever. And ever since I moved back to Holland, I've been sucked into that little world of yours ever more, met more people with you, known people to spend time and time in hospital because of you, seen people transplanted because of you, and watched people die because of you.

But not today. Today, we outran you.
With sponsoring, t-shirts with logo's of "I Outrun CF", CF-monkeys being sold, and give or take forty or fifty CF-outrunners, with Djuna, a transplanted awesomely cheerful girl, in the lead.
Today, we proved that you're beatable, in a way. Because though you influence the lives of these people and all those around them, you don't make them who they are.
They're bigger than you. Stronger than you. They're all winners, one by one.

Sincerest regards,
The Gypsy

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