Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Day 1. A Picture of Yourself with Ten Facts

Sure. Let's start with the toughest, shall we? lol


Fact #1 : I don't believe compliments half as easily as I believe criticism. Also, I have severe trust issues.

Fact #2: My self-bashing once started out as mere self-criticism that went overboard.

Fact #3: I have a lot of flaws, and a lot of talents. I stress the former, and tend to forget the latter.

Fact #4: I breathe, eat, and sleep books. I cannot focus as much/long on anything else (be it a movie, songs, classes or chatting/talking to friends and family).

Fact #5: I am probably one of the most open-minded creatures you'll ever meet.

Fact #6: I consider being called a Human Being an insult. I'm weird that way.

Fact #7: I prefer animals to people most of the time. There are very few kids I get along with at all.

Fact #8: I'm easily addicted. I'm a brunette.. Apparently that typically means an addictive personality. I can blame my genes.

Fact #9: I'm Xenophilic. And Culture-philic. And hungry for all knowledge and languages and science.

Fact #10: I have yet to pick a picture to post with this. This will probably take up to ten minutes of staring, hesitating and changing my mind.

The Gypsy