Monday, 7 September 2009

Downsides of a klutz

I managed to fall. Again.
Now not only my right knee is not bending without torture (which makes stairs of any sort painful), but also my left hip is completely bruised. Black, actually.
Gypsy is a klutz. Unmistakeably so.

Oh, yes..
Since I started working, my brain has been having all sorts of.. what can I call it best? uhm.. well, weird reactions, basically. It does maths a lot faster (woah), it makes me scarily organized, so much so that it's becoming really effective, and it's having me zone out a LOT more than usual, which makes me so much more a scatterbrain (to make up for the organizing and quick calculating, I'm sure).
I can actually stare ahead of me and NOT think ANYTHING. At all. And it's brilliant. Usually I can't shut my brain off, now it shuts itself off even when I still need to use it.

So yeah.

I started painting again. ^^;;;

The Gypsy

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  1. It is obscenely hard to post on here, I recall.

    Anyway, I found this song and I thought of you.

    I went out and bought some new music. Best Buy doesn't have a lot, so I'm going to wait to buy the rare stuff (read: not at Best Buy, not on iTunes) on Amazon. Oh, and that song above, I own that one now.