Monday, 3 August 2009


August already?
What's up with time robbing me like that? xD

Tommie is still holding me company, but that's as much as company goes.
Haven't been online much, and thus haven't been in touch with anybody.
Sometimes having friends living mightily far away just stinks.
Not that I'd be allowed to spend that much time with them if they did live next door, mind...

Kept busy though. Mostly reading. Or rereading.

Saturday we went to a (free) concert in Hoek van Holland, which was a blast.
Specifically Kane was, about the only dutch band I actually like.
It lasted for hours on end, and ended in a show of fireworks which was stunningly pretty.

Sunday was even cooler, we went to something called Castlefest. A three-day-event (Friday + weekend) which mixes the medieval times with fantasy. And such an event is incomplete without performers and guests alike coming in crazy, scary, gothic,beautiful or accurate costumes.
That meant that there were devils, elves, witches and wizards, pirates, princesses, knights and so much more~ I even saw three Jack Sparrows there (One of whom was female. :3 )

I was dieing to buy a corset, but dad wouldn't lend me the money because he thought it was way too expensive (never mind the fact he knew I was going to pay it back). He reckoned I could have a tailor in Egypt make one "just like it." Yeah right.

There were bands playing, Celtic music as well as Scottish tunes, and some of the stuff sounded like we were in the middle of a Lord Of The Rings scene. Although I wouldn't know exactly, having never been able to watch a complete LotR movie up till this moment.

I want to go again next year, wearing a costume. (Although I'm torn which costume I like best, there were several things that looked really prettiful. -Amongst them a pirate costume, and elf one, and a sort of medieval-damsel-in-distress-dress - )

On the way home I actually got dad persuaded (gasp) to get take out at my all-time-favourite restaurant ever (faint): A Chinese-Indian one. Then we went home and I had the best take-out-dinner in two years.

The Gypsy.

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