Friday, 14 August 2009

I miss him already.

The owners of Tommie just came to pick him up about an hour ago.
I miss him already.
He woke me up daily purring in my ear.
Regardless of the fact he attacked me and the laundry daily, too.
It's empty up in the attic without him. *sniff*

The kids who own him came back from the South of France today, and couldn't wait to pick him up. Sunburned and content, it was obvious they were glad to be home and have him back.
Kevin (The younger of the two) gave me a potted plant, and Nick (A few years older) some chocolate. As a thank you gift! And that with me stressing over and over that it was for free!
So sweet though! Real touching.
First flowered plant anyone has ever given to me. So it feels special.

Don't know if I'll post pictures. Maybe tomorrow~
Tschüss. -thanks Babs- (Means Adios in German. Which means Doei in Spanish. Which is Dutch for Bye in plain old English) <-- To activate your brain, that is.

The Gypsy


  1. FACT: Plants grow faster if you talk to them. Verified on Mythbusters and freshman botany courses.
    FACT: I didn't nod off, but I didn't get a nap either.

  2. I cannot fucking wait for ramadan to come and go! The zoo post is brillaint. So lucky :(

  3. Can't agree with Chuss being anyhow a german word. You would write it as Tschüss really ;)

  4. Jessie jessie jessie jessie! I'm ordering my keyboard phone after all, and I'm doing it this week! So you'll be able to AIM with me all the freaking time from now on!

  5. I wanted to tell you earlier but I was so worn out I totally forgot. xP

  6. She finally ordered the bloody phone. And I think she might've ordered the wrong one on the wrong plan. If you want something done right, give up on it because someone somewhere will screw up in a significant way. xP

    I'm being facetious, of course.