Monday, 10 August 2009

Nopes, sorry..

.. to disappoint you.

Nothing worth telling is happening.
I'm not going to complain and apart from anything to complain about very little is happening.
Just reading a lot to avoid everything. Reading's good.

(Dutch mill, yo)

Today it rained. Finally. After days of "heat".
Heat being between quotation marks because it's relative.
Weather in Texas and Egypt are both far more deadly.
I still hate the sun, anyways.

I want to visit my relatives, or go out with friends, but really, people seem to be showing very little motivation for anything these days. From both sides, myself excluded. However that works. So yeah.

Going to try and sleep.

The Gypsy.


  1. I've ordered a BlackBerry Curve. It's a phone with a keyboard. :3

    Thought that might cheer you up.

    P.S.: The word verification was "istink." I swear. xD

  2. Did You Know That - The only reason I haven't completed your birthday present is because I couldn't decide on what song to sing for you?

  3. 1. I want a Blackberry toooo. I love those. And congrats. Yes indeed, cheered me up. lol @ word verifications xD

    2. Yes, I think I remember that. Long time ago, my birthday xD